Electric Vehicle Chargers

If you’re thinking of buying an electric or phev (plug in electric vehicle) car, you need to think about where you’re going to charge it. Both electric cars and PHEVs need to be regularly charged using a cable to ensure their batteries have enough energy to deliver adequate driving range.

For those with a driveway, garage or any other form of off-street parking, the obvious solution is to charge at home. This is what the majority of electric-car owners currently do. And while the UK’s public charging network is growing at a rapid pace, experts think most ‘charging events’ will take place at driver’s homes in future.

So, how do you charge an electric car? A regular three-pin plug will draw a maximum charge of 3kW, which is too slow to fully charge most electric cars in a useful amount of time, even if left overnight. However, installing a wallbox charger at home will help you charge much quicker, making electric-car ownership considerably more viable. There is a government grant issued via OLEV that you may be eligible for. The choice of charger will depend on a lot of factors & we work with a number of different manufacturers to cover most requirements.

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