PV Solar & Battery

PV solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity that you can use in your home.

You can benefit from:

  • A more energy efficient home and reduced carbon footprint
  • Big reductions in your electricity bills
  • A renewable source of energy
  • Generate renewable energy all year round

Generate renewable energy right through the year

By harnessing the power of the sun, PV solar panels utilise one of the largest sources of clean energy available. Because it’s clean, it has no negative impact upon the environment, meaning they’re the perfect solution for anyone looking to be eco-friendlier.

Whilst it’s easy to think they’re only able to work whilst the sun is out, solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days just as easily too. Once they are installed, homeowners have a renewable supply of energy at their disposal. Whilst you can use this to power your own home, therefore lowering your energy bills

Benefits of PV solar panels from Vision 2030

  • Long-lasting – 25 year guarantee on solar panels
  • Eco-friendly – average property will reduce carbon footprint by up to 1.7 million tonnes per year
  • Lower energy costs – spend less on fossil fuels to power your home
  • Increase your property’s value – solar panels are a unique selling point
  • Over 1 million homes in the UK are already benefiting
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