Thermodynamic Hot Water

Sustainable, innovative hot water systems

Vision 2030’s thermodynamic hot water systems provide homeowners with an energy efficient hot water supply. Utilising a refrigerant liquid, our thermodynamic hot water solutions operate in any weather, day & night providing you with a renewable hot water supply to use right through the year.

You can benefit from:

  • An energy efficient replacement for your existing hot water system
  • Readily available hot water 24 hours a day
  • Reduced energy costs and carbon emissions

Utilisation of free energy to benefit your home and the environment

Our thermodynamic hot water systems use a refrigerant liquid which has an incredibly low boiling point. When this liquid is heated, vast amounts of free energy is generated. This free energy is then transferred to your hot water. As an abundance of free energy is utilised, homeowners are able to spend less money to heat their hot water supply. Not only that, because energy is transferred less of it is wasted, which reduces the negative impact upon the environment.

The system is configurable, allowing you to program different water temperatures for different times of the day, as well a range of other features. Whilst this saves hassle, the system can also be heated to remove legionella, making your hot water supply safer.

Benefits of thermodynamic hot water systems from Vision 2030

  • Economical to run – less energy required to heat your hot water
  • Eco-friendly – lower carbon emissions than other hot water systems
  • Suitable for use in most domestic applications – get in touch for more information
  • Less hassle – programme water heating schedules
  • Safer water supply – can be heated to remove legionella
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