Solar Panel Cleaning

Maintain your solar

When you have solar panels installed, it’s important to keep them clean. If your solar panels are free of dirt, dust and debris, they work more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills.

We offer a solar panel cleaning service to maintain the productivity and effectiveness of your panels. Our professional team will come to your property and provide a comprehensive cleaning service.

What are the benefits of cleaning solar panels?

Increased efficiency

Removing the detritus from your pv solar panels can increase their efficiency by up to 25%. This is important in the UK where wet and windy conditions can lead to a build of moss, dirt and bird droppings. Regular cleaning will ensure your panels are working at max efficiency and are capable of generating ample electricity, especially during the peak production months in the summer. 

Increased durability

Layers of grime, dirt and debris can increase the general wear and tear of your solar panel and battery storage system. These systems are exposed to the worst of the weather, day in, day out. While they are built to last, a fall in efficiency can exacerbate issues over time and decrease the overall life span. Wired equipment and panels need to be looked after and regularly maintained.

Improved aesthetics

Many customers opt for monocrystalline panels due to their sleek, all-black design. However, the beauty of an expertly installed system can be undermined if panels look aged and dirty on a rooftop. Sprucing up panels not only boosts efficiency but helps to retain a sparkly and fresh look for longer. This makes panels more aesthetically appealing for homeowners. 

Improved return on investment (ROI)

Saving on energy bills and driving return on investment from your solar panel system is likely to be at the top of your priority list. Cleaning your panels will ensure those all-important cells turn light into electricity, which can be used to power your appliances or be sent back to the National Grid depending on your use cases. Improved efficiency will deliver a better ROI so your system is paying for itself within a shorter time frame. 

Our solar panel cleaners have all the equipment available to ensure a thorough, safe clean and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

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