David from Trowbridge
“Vision 2030 was the only company to send a surveyor and not a sales man, exemplary advice and 5 star service ,highly recommended.”

Sara Jane & Daniel from Liskeard
“We’ve been finding that the PV panels + battery system make a big difference. You and Tim were right about what was best for us and we won’t hesitate to recommend Vision 2030.”

Andy from Wotten under Edge
“Really pleased with my Pv Solar , Battery Storage System & EV charger. The PV Solar & Battery system is performing better than I expected .I can highly recommend Vision 2030 for their  products & professionalism.”

Caroline from Pevensey
“Vision 2030 installed a 14kwh Pv System & a new Thermodynamic Hot water system at my factory. The energy savings from the Solar have made a big difference to our energy bills & the hot water system supplies us with free hot water every day . We were really impressed with the products recommended ,the quality of the service we received & the advice we were given.”

John of Eastbourne
“We wanted to reduce our energy bills as we have a swim spa in the garden & was paying £300 a month for electricity. We approached Vision2030 & after their visit & recommendations we went ahead with a 4.4kw PV Solar System & 16.4kw of Battery Storage. They also advised switching to Octopus Energy to take advantage of the OFF Peak tariffs to charge the Batteries during the night. In 6 months since the installation & switch we have seen our bills dramatically drop. We can highly recommend Vision2030 for their products & all round expertise.”

Jeff from Bath
“Vision 2030 saved me £1000s with their advice. I am building a new property to rent out in my garden & was quote over £6000 for a new electric supply by the electricity company. Vision 2030 recommended installing a PV Solar & Battery Storage in the main house & run a supply down to the new build. They also organised the safe removal of my old boiler & installation of a new hot water tank. Everything is now installed & working perfectly. These guys are great & passionate about saving you money. Best call I have made.”

Phil from Stonehouse
“Really pleased with the advice, great products fabulous service & excellent installations. Nothing was too much trouble.  The PV Solar & Battery system are working better than expected. The advice to switch to Octopus Energy & take advantage of electricity at 5p per kwh has saved me a fortune in energy costs. The Solar iboost they recommended means I get free hot water for most of the year. I would highly recommend working with Vision2030 for your renewable energy installations.”

Bishop Ray of Bristol
“Gary & the team at Vision 2030 advised the Church on a new Infrared heating system to replace our broken gas central heating. The results have been fantastic & led to a 35% drop in our heating bills. Once the Church reopens they will be installing a PV Solar System to help reduce our energy costs even more. As a Church we are happy to have converted to a green & clean future for our energy usage thanks to Vision 2030.”

Wyn from Basingstoke
“My storage heaters were costing me over £1500 a year to provide heating to my 2 bed bungalow. Vision 2030 advised on replacing them with modern electric heaters from Trust Electric Heating. I am delighted with the results . The heating is far more controllable & my bills have reduced by over £400 per year. The job was done in one day & they took all of the rubbish & my old heaters away for me. Highly recommended!”