5 Wondrous Ways Solar Panels Can Change Your Life

The Cost of Living

With the cost of living skyrocketing, finding alternative solutions to save on energy seems the most logical solution. But what do solar panels mean for the value of your home? And do you have to spend money to make money?

Let’s take a little look at the return on investment when you go green, and whether decreasing your bills and increasing the price of your home is as simple as it sounds. A recent study, The Value of Solar Property, highlighted the increased sales price of a solar-powered house, adding thousands to the value of your run-of-the-mill property. But the savings don’t stop there.

Deferred gratification is a thing of the past.

Installing solar with Vision 2030 means you won’t have to wait to see a return on your investment. As soon as the sun hits those panels, bills begin to plummet. If you’re patient, you’ll see the full benefits of solar installation. On average, our customers save £20,000 over the lifespan of their solar system. Now that’s an investment-led installation you don’t have to wait for.

It’s important to us that our customers know exactly what they’re signing up for. We draw up valuations for each of their installations, letting them know what they can expect to save, and what their return on investment might look like. So they can future-proof their savings, as well as their home.

Five key benefits you can’t live without.

What are the five key benefits of kitting your house out with pv solar panels? These crucial reasons play an immense part in why Vision 2030 believes solar will continue to champion the future of the energy market. The Value of Solar Property highlighted the benefit of increasing the price of your home whilst helping to ‘futureproof’, ensuring a permanent, sustainable source of clean, green energy. All in addition to Solar’s significant ability to lower your bills whilst cutting your carbon footprint, giving you greater independence from ever-increasing energy price rises and enabling surplus energy to be sold back to the grid.

This ground-breaking evidence could pave our way towards fully committing to investment-led installations and green property transactions. Industries must now reflect these findings into the property market – how new-build homes are built and designed – and how current solar properties are being valued and marketed. The change in this market would mean that homeowners, tenants, and landlords would get the most out of solar and sustainable energy.

The beauty of solar is that the industry is rapidly expanding. It is a blatantly sought-after, robust investment. But its benefits depend on numerous factors, including the specific system you opt for, and the property’s location. Getting yourself a quote that is bespoke to your individual property and specific requirements is an incredibly important part of your journey towards a solar home. Vision 2030 offers the opportunity to receive a specific quote, utterly bespoke to your requirements and your home.

At the top of our agenda? Saving you money.

It’s important to note that saving money is just one of the staggering benefits of PV panels. Nonetheless, we understand it’s an important one and potentially the main motivation for going solar. Aside from making the best choice for the planet, slashing your bills so you have more money to spend on the things that really matter is a pretty enticing incentive, right?

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