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Local surveyor for Milton Keynes, Super Stephen is an experienced renewable energy specialist dedicated to helping homeowners in the Home Counties slash their energy bills.

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Tim aka solar man has designed and overseen the installation of thousands of solar systems bespoke to each customer. He works with them to understand exactly what they need. Tim covers Bristol and surrounding towns and villages.

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Mark can speak from his own experience as a solar and battery owner. He undertakes surveys and consultations in the Midlands and is the super spreader of good news and massive savings for both residential and commercial customers.

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John has recently joined us as we expand the areas we operate in. He covers Exeter and the surrounding areas. John has vast business experience in dealing with home and business owners. He is passionate about helping our customers understand the systems they need.

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Jon is our in-house marketing and content creation expert. His passion is finding and sharing the latest news on renewable energy and technological advances that lead to massive savings for our customers. Jon is the first key ingredient on our customer’s journey to success.

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Julie is our after-sales wonder woman. She helps people understand and operate their systems and is the link between manufacturers and customers. Julie is one of the reasons our customer satisfaction rate is 99.67%.

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Our Founder and Director, Gary has been passionate about green issues since he was old enough to vote. Gary started life as a plumbing and heating engineer and loves making efficient use of energy. He entered the solar industry in 2012 and has been involved in overseeing installations up and down the UK. His passion is for innovation, value for money and assisting customers in slashing their energy bills.

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Our Finance Director, Fleur is the smile in the savings. She runs a tight ship and her attention to detail ensures that everything is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Originally from St. Lucia, she moved to the UK in 2001 and has worked in accounting ever since.

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Vision2030 Director Gary Weston:

In 2012, I stepped into the vibrant world of the PV Solar industry as a management consultant, advising both national and international businesses on product innovation, process optimisation, and market entry strategies. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that my wife, Fleur, and I truly embraced our calling, channelling our combined talents into our own venture, Vision2030 Ltd.

Having been advocates for a greener way of living all our lives, Fleur and I found our passion in guiding people to make smarter financial decisions. Our focus is on helping reduce energy costs and carbon footprints through high-quality PV solar and battery storage solutions.

At Vision2030 Ltd, our mission is crystal clear: we’re passionate about innovation, due diligence and researching new tech products to help our customers slash their energy bills and also carve out a path to a carbon-neutral future. As a family-owned business, we like to put all of our customers at the heart of our thinking and everything we do, blending our personal commitment to sustainability with a dedication to providing award-winning innovation and customer service. This has helped us win 4 awards during the last two years. We’d like to thank our peers and customers who made this happen.

As we pull back the curtain, we invite you to meet the dedicated individuals behind our success. Join us in celebrating the diverse talents and stories that make us not just a team, but a community. At Vision2030, we’re more than just colleagues – we’re a family, and we look forward to welcoming you as an integral part of our ongoing journey.


Meet the Vision2030 Team

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The office & field crew is the heart of Vision2030. A team of six friendly in-house staff and six field-based surveyors spread out across the country.

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