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Vision2030's Extensive Solar Panel, Inverter and Battery Range

Vision2030 offers the widest choice of solar products in the UK. Our due diligence and research in finding the right products for you, the client, means our product range offers exceptional value without compromising quality. We aim to provide you with the solar panels, inverter, battery storage and EV charging point you need to generate free, green electricity and save up to 80% on your energy bills. Your choice, guided by us. We always design and build solar panel systems based on your preferences and energy requirements following an in-depth on-site survey.

The products listed below are just a sample of the high-quality products we offer. To find out more about our full range, contact us directly.

Solar Panels

JA Solar N-Type Bifacial Panels


  • Multi-Busbar Bifacial Cells and Half Cell Configuration
  • Better weak illumination response
  • Excellent low irradiance, all-weather performance
  • N-type with very low LID delivers best-in-class efficiency


  • 25-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear power output warranty

DMEGC Monofacial Panels


  • Monofacial P-type module
  • All Black Design
  • Excellent PID resistance
  • Optimised temperature coefficient


  • 25-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear power output warranty

Q-Cells G11S+ All Black Panels


  • Q.ANTUM DUO technology for maximum yields
  • Anti LeTID tech for long-term performance
  • High-tech aluminum frame certified for high wind and snow
  • Excellent low-light and temperature behaviour


  • 25-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear performance  warranty

UK Sol TOPcon Bifacial Panels


  • High module efficiency
  • Excellent loading capability
  • Low normal operating temperature (NMOT)
  • Robust Half Cell MBB soldering tech


  • 12-year British warranty
  • 30-year British performance warranty
We stock solar panels from a wide range of brands including:


Solis Hybrid Inverter

The Industry Standard.

Solis inverters are renowned for their quality, durability, high-efficiency and user-friendly features. They also work with different system sizes, making them ideal for a range of residential and commercial projects.

The Solis Hybrid Inverter features a fan-less design with an IP65 rating. Its advanced capabilities include multiple work modes to maximize self-consumption, an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), and 24-hour real-time energy management. Additionally, you can remotely control and upgrade the system, making it a smart choice for managing your household energy seamlessly and efficiently.

We stock inverters from a wide range of brands including:

Solis, Fox, SunSynk, GivEnergy, EcoFlow, Solax, and Solar Edge


EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit

Store with Excellence. Power the Future.

EcoFlow’s innovative PV-coupling technology allows the PowerOcean DC Fit to connect directly to the solar system on the PV side, bypassing the need for an extra storage inverter. This efficient setup not only saves time but also enhances the effectiveness of an existing solar system. With up to 15kWh of seamless battery integration, the PowerOcean DC Fit ensures easy and cost-effective energy self-sufficiency.

Dyness B51100

Stable and reliable performance.

  • LifePo4 technology
  • Modular design, easy to stack, quick installation
  • Large energy capacity
  • Natural cooling with optional heat/fan configuration
  • Wide temperature range
We stock battery storage from a wide range of brands including:

Fox, SunSynk, Solar Edge and GivEnergy


High quality. High efficiency

Vision2030 is a recognised Q.PARTNER for the consultation, sales, installation and after-sales of top-quality QCELLs products.

Vision2030 has teamed up with QCELLs as a premium partner, offering state-of-the-art technology with distinct improvements in efficiency and reliability.

Using advanced and long-lasting solar power equipment, Hanwha QCELLs products have a strong reputation for providing outstanding return on investment.

In fact, there’s perhaps no other solar energy company in the world which puts itself through the same strict quality measures as Hanwha QCELLs, a joint venture between German technology & South Korean manufacturing.

An image of a Q Cells

We offer a 25-year warranty to all our
premium QCELL customers.

By choosing QCELL as a premium offering, you’ll benefit from:

An inclusive 25-year warranty

Enduring high performance technology

Optimum weather endurance

High rated

Quality controlled PV certified

Sleek, durable metallic cover

Founded in Germany as QCELLS AG, the company quickly became a global leader in solar module manufacturing. Its assets were then purchased by the Hanwha Group, a South Korean conglomerate with a strong solar business, making the QCELLS brand one of the world’s top 10 solar module manufacturers.

Get in touch to find out more about QCELL products.

QCELL’s Technology

QCELLs’ Q.ANTUM Technology guarantees more power in real-world conditions. By supercharging ordinary solar cells, even on wintery days. With enhanced low-light performance also, higher profits and generations are guaranteed when you choose QCELLs.

QCELL are the largest cell manufacturers in the world, with an 8GW solar module manufacturing capacity!

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