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Did you know that if you live in Milton Keynes, you can save up to £1,085 a year by moving to renewable energy solutions?*

If you’re looking for a solar panel installer in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, we’re here to help.

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*Statistic based on the average saving of our Milton Keynes customers in the last six months.

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Our Milton Keynes customers can reduce their carbon footprint by 1,042 tonnes over a 25-year period.

That’s the same as 456 cars driving 10,000 miles over a year!


Mark in Bedfordshire: “Do I need battery storage with solar panels?”

Battery storage can deliver better return on investment (ROI) from a solar panel system but every use case is different. For example, a homeowner with an east-to-west-facing roof can generate electricity consistently throughout the day. This pattern of solar generation is ideal for someone who is retired or works from home as they use the energy as it’s produced. However, it wouldn’t be ideal for those who are out during working hours.

A south-facing roof will generate electricity quickly, especially during the peak summer months. This electricity will go to waste in an empty house so battery storage is recommended in this case as the homeowner will be able to use the stored energy later in the day. Battery storage also gives homeowners the flexibility to sell energy back to the grid and partake in “grid trading”. Buying low and selling high is a cost-effective way to manage your energy needs.

The differences in each homeowner’s energy consumption patterns and their specific requirements are the main reason why we always recommend an on-site survey to design a bespoke system. You might find you don’t need a battery initially, or that two would be ideal. Vision2030 always make recommendations on your specific circumstances. We won’t oversell you on a bigger system and will be clear if we think that a smaller, more streamlined setup is preferable. 

How many hours of sunshine are there in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes is in a prime spot in the south of England to generate sun from solar panels year-round. The spring and summer months with longer days and better weather are ideal, but there are 100+ hours of sun during  8 months of the year. July and August are the “peak” with around 200 hours. Milton Keynes has 1,478 hours of sun on average each year.

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