EV Charging

Simpson & Partners Exclusive EV Charger

Vision2030 has teamed up with Auto Express Best Buy 2023 Winner Simpson & Partners to provide aesthetically understated and technically brilliant EV chargers for your electric vehicles. 

”Simpson & Partners is the most stylish way to charge your EV at home” T3 magazine 

Why Choose Vision2030’s Exclusive EV Chargers?

🔌 Exclusivity: As the sole provider with access to Simpson & Partners’ EV chargers, we guarantee a product you won’t find anywhere else.

💡 Smart Savings: Our units are fully approved for Octopus off-peak tariffs. That means you can power up your vehicle when costs are at their lowest.

🎨 Sleek Design: Gone are the days of bulky, eyesore chargers. Our chargers blend seamlessly with your home’s or business’ exterior.

🔧 Technological Excellence: Besides their discreet appearance, these chargers offer class-leading performance; rapid, efficient, and reliable charging every time.

🌍 Eco-Friendly: Partner with Vision2030 and actively drive the world towards a more sustainable future. Every charge supports our mission for a greener planet.

EV Charging solutions from Vision2030

Empowering Your Journey: Exclusive, Efficient, Elegant.

We supply and install home and business charging stations to charge your vehicle, making owning an electric car considerably more viable.

Electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) must be charged regularly using a cable to ensure batteries have enough energy to deliver adequate driving range.

However, a regular three-pin plug isn’t usually sufficient, even when left overnight. Charging at home is a fantastic option for homeowners with their own garage or off-street parking. Business owners and employees can also benefit from convenient on-site charging points for a personal or company vehicle.

Vision2030 will install a wall box charger at your property so you can charge your car quickly, efficiently, and without having to leave the house, office or factory.

Choosing to charge at home or business facilities
with an EV charger means you’ll benefit from:

Keeping it convenient by charging up in your own home or business

Significant savings per year when you minimise the cost of charging your car by using PV Solar

property value

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