One in 20 Bath households now have solar panels

Solar panel installers are in high demand in Bath according to newly published data. 

The latest MCS Data Dashboard shows that one in 20 households in the region now has PV solar.

That’s following another surge in installs during the three months to late June.

In total, more than 4,000 homes in Bath and across North East Somerset have invested in solar panels.

Environmental campaigners, Friends of the Earth, hailed the latest uptick in solar panels in Bath as “really encouraging”.

Homeowners in Bath and Somerset who have installed solar panels this year will now be enjoying the myriad of benefits of going green.

This includes lower energy bills, increased energy independence, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Now is a great time to opt for a solar panel installation with the cost of panels, battery storage and inverters coming down.

Bath is not the only city embracing the green energy revolution.

New data released this week found that UK installs of heat pumps and solar panels have soared to a record high.

A staggering 120,000 panels have been fitted across the country since 1st January.

The industry’s trade body now estimates that around a quarter of million homes will have a renewable energy system of some kind by 2024.

Government pledge to reach milestone 70GW solar capacity

The UK population’s desire to go solar is a welcome trend for the government.

Rishi Sunak’s administration has set out plans to hit a 70GW of solar capacity target by 2035.

The government is currently attempting to incentivise homeowners to switch to solar to achieve this objective.

One happy homeowner, Norman Pitt, says the upfront cost is worth it due to an impressive return on investment (ROI) and reduction in electricity costs.

He added: “We are so pleased that we’re economical. We are going green, saving our planet.”

The latest figures again highlight the growing demand for solar panel installers in Bath, Bristol and across the UK.

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