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Did you know that if you live in Newport, you can save up to £1,320 a year by moving to renewable energy solutions?*

If you’re looking for a solar panel installer in Newport and the surrounding areas including Monmouthshire, we’re here to help.

Postcodes we cover: NP

*Statistic based on the average saving of our Newport customers in the last six months.

Save up to 80% on
your energy bills
with Vision 2030

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Our Newport customers can reduce their carbon footprint by 1,042 tonnes over a 25-year period.

That’s the same as 456 cars driving 10,000 miles over a year!


How many homeowners have solar panels in Newport?

The latest MCS Data Dashboard for 2023 shows that 2,801 properties have solar panels installed in Newport. This equates to 4.5% of all homes. Newport is actually the fastest-growing unitary authority in Wales in terms of population. Vision2030 is expecting to serve many more customers in this historic city, which has been a notable port since medieval times.

How many hours of sunshine are there in Newport?

Newport is one of the sunniest spots in Wales thanks to its sheltered location, which protects it from weather extremes experienced elsewhere. Newport is also ideal for solar energy generation as it has a steady stream of sunshine over spring and summer. May is actually the best month with an average of 213 hours of sun, followed by July with 200. The annual average of sun is 1603 hours.

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Your local solar panel surveyors in the Newport area are
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