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Vision2030 is a recognised Q.PARTNER for the consultation, sales, installation and after-sales of top-quality QCELLs products.

Vision2030 has teamed up with QCELLs as a premium partner, offering state-of-the-art technology with distinct improvements in efficiency and reliability.

Using advanced and long-lasting solar power equipment, Hanwha QCELLs products have a strong reputation for providing outstanding return on investment.

In fact, there’s perhaps no other solar energy company in the world which puts itself through the same strict quality measures as Hanwha QCELLs, a joint venture between German technology & South Korean manufacturing.

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We offer a 25-year warranty to our
premium QCELL customers.

By choosing QCELL as a premium offering, you’ll benefit from:

An inclusive 25-year warranty

Enduring high performance technology

Optimum weather endurance

High rated

Quality controlled PV certified

Sleek, durable metallic cover

Founded in Germany as QCELLS AG, the company quickly became a global leader in solar module manufacturing. Its assets were then purchased by the Hanwha Group, a South Korean conglomerate with a strong solar business, making the QCELLS brand one of the world’s top 10 solar module manufacturers.

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QCELL’s Technology

QCELLs’ Q.ANTUM Technology guarantees more power in real-world conditions. By supercharging ordinary solar cells, even on wintery days. With enhanced low-light performance also, higher profits and generations are guaranteed when you choose QCELLs.

QCELL are the largest cell manufacturers in the world, with an 8GW solar module manufacturing capacity!

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