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Vision2030’s quadruple-award winning services are now available in Coventry. We can install solar panels, battery storage and EV charging at your home or business. It all starts with a free survey and no-obligation quote. We have local solar experts in your area.

Did you know that if you live in Coventry, you can save up to £1,387 a year by moving to renewable energy solutions?*

If you’re looking for a solar panel installer in Coventry and the surrounding areas including Nuneaton, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa, we’re here to help.

*Statistic based on the average saving of our Coventry customers in the last six months.

Save up to 80% on
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Our Coventry customers can reduce their carbon footprint by 1,042 tonnes over a 25-year period.

That’s the same as 456 cars driving 10,000 miles over a year!


How many homeowners have installer solar panels in Coventry in 2023?

Solar panel installations have soared to a seven-year high in Coventry. Data published by the Coventry Building Society shows that 115,00+ homes and businesses had solar panels and battery storage installed during the first eight months of 2023. August was a particularly busy month with 13,520 installs. The total figure through September already surpassed the total for 2022 in its entirety (111,713). Coventry has long been a hub for all things solar; its record year came back in 2011 when more than 200,000 systems were installed. Scores of homeowners are also taking advantage of the legacy Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and Smart Export Guarantee (SGE) to buy and sell electricity from the grid and drive a better return on investment when switching to solar.

How many hours of sunshine are there in Coventry?

Coventry has a maritime climate similar to many cities in the Midlands. Cool summers and mild winters mean there is little variation in temperature during the year; cold snaps and heat waves are rare. Average annual sunshine is similar to other sheltered spots in the UK. Coventry provides ample solar power generation during the peak summer months. July is the sunniest with 61 hours on average with May not far behind. There are around 1,521 hours of sunshine in Coventry per annum.

What's the process of installing solar in Coventry With Vision2030?

The transformative power of solar is just a few clicks away. You can start your journey today by completing our contact form. We will then schedule a free discovery call where we will find out more about your project. Questions our support team often ask are:

Do you own the property?

How much electricity are you using per year?

Are you interested in solar and battery storage?

Have you had solar quotes before?

Are you planning to buy an electric vehicle or hybrid car?

Vision2030 then can schedule a free on-site survey with your local surveyor. This survey will last roughly 45 minutes and will give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert advice and recommendations. You can now secure your order on the same day by paying a £100 deposit.  

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Your local solar panel surveyors in the Coventry area is Mark Gee.

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